The Monday syndrome – the unrecognized depression

Posted: 23 februarie 2019 by admin

„Tomorrow is Monday, I don’t believe it. I have to go to work again. My head hurts just thinking … How good it would be if there was no on Monday. Why not start the week on Tuesday or some other day.” Why there are so many people today who think so?

A psychologist knows well that behind these affirmations there are hiding other thoughts. Sometimes they hide so well that the person in question does not even know the real truth. Finding the real motif always takes some time during which the Monday syndrome turns into: „I really do not like what I do”, „I cannot stand my colleagues who are gossiping about me or hate me”, „I’m sick to work on such little money”, „since I started working here I’ve got terrible headaches and back pain”.

All these statements show only that a person is feeling unfulfilled. And the lack of fulfillment comes as a result of the unrealistic expectations a person had when they started working at a job they didn’t like as they couldn’t find something better elsewhere.

Once hired, whether or not in the right place, a person has the responsibility of executing a daily work schedule. Here again we can identify a big problem of today’s society, namely the poor management. This type of management brings the following problems:

  • People who do a lot of overtime;
  • People overloaded at work (e.g. those whose tasks should be done by several people);
  • People who are overwhelmed  outside work by other personal problems: family, social or health;
  • People under-paid. This includes those who are paid very little in relation to the work performed or those with very low wages compared to their own needs.

Important is for all those who suffer from the Monday syndrome to really discover why they think this day is so ugly for them. A good way for them is to look at a child who wakes up on Monday morning thinking about how he will play. For him there is no difference between Monday and every other day of the week. Or look at a friend who is suffering also from a different Monday syndrome as he cannot wait to be at work to see his colleague he is in love with.  Or look at any sick people for which their healing is the most precious gift whatever the day the healing will come.

The conclusion is: the Monday syndrome is just a warning triggered by ourselves when not even the coffee can wakes us up that there is something inside we need to pay attention to and resolve. This can be a depression, a life plan who failed, a serious medical problem or a soul problem.

Whatever the problem we can discover it together and more than that, we can solve it together.

Life is beautiful and worth living fully to enjoy all the beautiful things around us!

Autor: Psiholog Constantin Cornea