Mourning – Dealing with the loss of someone you love

Posted: 23 februarie 2019 by admin

Anticipated or not, the death of a loved one leaves scars. Finding balance after such event often seems impossible. Therefore, sometimes, help might come from the outside.

The solution in such situation is far from simple and it depends on:

  • Your character and personality
  • Your life plan: family, career, your health, hobbies
  • The resources you rely on: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances
  • How the death occurred
  • The relationship you had with the deceased
  • Your awareness of the depression when installed, the roots of it and the forms it can take.

All these factors together with others may constitute stepping stones on which a proper treatment plan can be built to help you deal with the mourning.

Seeing a therapist. This will help to clearly identify the personal resources and the internal resorts that you can rely on, to help you suffer as little as possible and return to your normal in the shortest possible time.

Family. Here we can talk about the direct and indirect support that can come from your spouse, your parents or your siblings. Also, if you have children, they may be your motivation to move forward. Through their current activities they’ll remind you how much they need you and how important you are to them.

Career. Time and work-related goals is a good way to occupy your thoughts.

Friends and hobbies. Friends are very important at this time, they need to know how and when to listen to you, to try to get you out in town often for all sorts of activities such as theater, film, performances.

Remember, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Autor: Psiholog Constantin Cornea