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Manager, husband, wife, daughter these are the four main roles that a modern woman has to play. Is a person ready enough to be able to play them well so that no one will suffer (company, employees, family, husband, parents)?

Starting from a true testimony from a manager „My name is Corina, I am General Manager and I am not feeling like I enjoy what I have achieved so far. Finally, after years of work I reached a peak in my career and I do not understand why I do not have enough power to enjoy anything. My family, especially my husband accuses me for not being involved anymore in our family life. How can that be, they do not understand how hard it is to have a job like mine, with huge responsibilities? Also, I feel like I can do something original in our company, but I think people are not ready to assimilate my vision so I’ll go on the old vision even if they know it is not good „. Corina is living in Vancouver and she contacted me when she thought her situation was hopeless. She was having a very good job but was feeling that she is losing the control of her life without knowing how she got there or what to do next…

There are many reasons a manager can choose to work with a Life Coach. But bottom line they all come to the same truth: it’s hard sometimes to reconcile the few roles you have: the role of manager; the role of wife/husband; mother/father; the role of friend; possible role of daughter/son.

These roles can bring you satisfaction or unhappiness. The coach is the one who manages to uncover:

  • everything that employees cannot express for fear of being fired;
  • the husband cannot find the right words or the right time to get to the heart of his wife;
  • the children cannot go beyond their father’s frustration who cannot find his place in their mother’s work life;
  • friends cannot stop giving advice (good or useless) or to pressure constantly to get a job for: their wife, mother, mistress or other friends;
  • or family of origin, namely parents who complain of lack of attention from a daughter with such an important job

All these are external factors that tend to capture Corina’s life. Her fears were of two types: those related to job: am I able to cope, will I find the most appropriate management solutions, the solutions I found can be implemented without hurting anyone? And those related to family: is she a good mother and a good wife? Do I take good care of those who raised me?

Perhaps many businessmen and businesswomen should to take a coach – the role of a coach is to see things outside the box and advise accordingly.

There is a good American story about the clear brain theory. When the Americans built their first nuclear power plant, as legend says, some electric cables were needed to be installed safely in a certain area making sure there will be no possibility of explosion or other electrical incident. There were about 20 engineers trying to find the best solution and couldn’t agree on one. During the discussion the building electrician passed by and quickly found a brilliant solution to their problem. This shows how the clear brain works, when the people involved in the story cannot detach themselves and look at the problem from outside.

To make sure you have a quality Life Coach it is recommended to choose a Coach with psychology background and experience as psychotherapist. In this way you are making sure you are choosing a Coach with all the necessary knowledge about psychological mechanisms and life experience in minimum 4 or 5 major roles: manager, husband/wife, father/mother, friend, or son/daughter.

Life is beautiful and worth living! This phrase is the motto of a quality Life Coach. It only depends on your availability to open and discover it. Everything starts at: My name is Corina.

Constantin Cornea, Psychotherapist and life Coach